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Robots, teleporters, jump pads, lasers! Be prepared for an action-filled challenging puzzle experience!

Antiflux an Android oldschool metroidvania-style puzzle platformer. Puzzles are complex but easy to understand. The platforming is simple but fun, controls comfortably with a touch screen or controller. Pick up upgrades along your journey recover lost research on an abandoned planet, and discover its dark secrets!

This is the original soundtrack for Antiflux. Support us on https://uaa-software.itch.io/antiflux !!!

Youtube link:

Track listing:

00:00 - Main Theme
01:47 - Unfamiliar
03:30 - Beyond Science
05:16 - Long Lost
08:32 - Digital Highway
10:12 - Price Of Progress
12:00 - Day After Storm
13:39 - Terminal Velocity
15:32 - Majority Report
16:53 - Vast Emptiness
18:50 - Unexpected Discovery
20:54 - Incremental Findings
23:00 - Another Age
25:07 - Transcend
26:51 - Credits


Antiflux OST Complete Soundtrack.mp3 38 MB

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